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Advertising Rate at

We offer advertising rates for all budgets. Reserve your space on the most active web site for Hyco Lake.

We offer links to your own page or we will develop the page for you on our site using your information. We also offer banner ads. Contact us if you are interested - click here.

Item Detail Rate
Links of Interest
(i.e. Hyco Magazine ad)
Located on left side of page - links to your website $20/month
Picture ad on left column of homepage
(i.e. below Newstand Ad)
Picture with short description linked to your website or we provide a page for you. $40/month
Banner ad (most popular)
(i.e. West and Woodall)
We place a banner ad at the top of the homepage linked to your website or we develop a page for you. $50/month
Picture ad or banner ad on any other page except the homepage Select any other page other than our homepage and save! 1/2 rate of homepage rates above.
Quantity Discounts Combine any advertising above Take 25% discount on combined ads
Email Newsletter Promotion Promo detailing your business in our weekly newsletter $25 or corresponding promo for us $25 for one promo
$75 for 4 promos during year

Note: Free promo in our Opt in email newsletter going out to over 1000 local users with any paid ad above.

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